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In 2007, a group of high school students submitted a video and won a contest sponsored by Sunkist and One Tree Hill.  As winners of the contest, they were able to play a role in an episode of One Tree Hill, that was filmed right here in Honey Grove!  (Season 4, Episode 17)  The crew of the popular show donated several items to the town and the gazebo pictured above is one of those gifts.  After several years of enduring the elements, the wooden roof had seen better days.  Chamber member FBC Roofing recently replaced the roof of the gazebo and gave it a much needed facelift.  We hope to be able to do a few more things to help spruce it up in the near future, so keep an eye out for that work.

”We should go to prom...Yeah. Honey Grove’s prom is tonight. We should go. Come on, our prom sucked, our car broke down, we should go”

”Yeah, and we got attacked by a psycho”

”...Okay, so what, we’re just gonna crash the Honey Grove prom?”

”Yeah, why not”

Haley James Scott tells Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott they should go to the Honey Grove prom

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