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Every year on the Saturday prior to the 4th of July, the population of Honey Grove grows exponentially.  Paul Puckett, owner of the local family clinic and pyrotechnician, garners sponsorships to put on what is deemed to be "the best fireworks show around".  With food trucks, live music, and fellowship with friends of old and new, it's an afternoon, evening, and night full of celebration and amazing fireworks.


If antique, vintage, and classic vehicles make you happy, then the last Saturday in August every year, you would be one happy person while visiting the downtown square during lunch!  The Bugtussle Trek is the Annual Antique Automobile Club of America Texas Region Car Tour. They meander from Dallas and make their way to Bugtussle the last weekend of August, with a stop in Honey Grove for a lunch break.  

Saturday, October 7, 2023
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As a celebration of folklore that Davy Crockett stopped in the area and sent letters back to Tennessee, telling of an area with an abundance of honey-filled trees, hence the town's name, we celebrate with the Davy Crockett Festival.  The Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 1, 2022.  Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative this year than last and we will be able to enjoy the vendor booths filled with crafts, homemade wares, jewelry, food, and many other items, as well as live music.


Chilly winter nights call for a warm cup of wassail!  What is wassail, you say?  The best way to describe it is a warm and delicious cousin to apple cider.  This year, participating downtown businesses and vendors served free wassail from 4pm-6pm while shoppers were able to get in a little Christmas shopping.  At 6:30pm, the Mayor kicked off the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

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'Twas right before Christmas and all through the town, all the creatures were stirring, it was full of lights and sound!  The cars were all decorated with tinsel and cheer, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be here.  The children were all nestled in their cars on the side of the road, while visions of Christmas floats were a sight to behold.  And the mayor in his kerchief and Chief Dixon in his cap, they were leading the parade along a predetermined map.  When down the highway there arose such a clatter, the townspeople knew there was nothing the matter.  Traveling down the road, all you could see was a flash, the lights and the fanfare, and floats vying for cash.  The moon on the breast of where green grass once did grow, were the objects of grandeur we could see as they glow.  When what to our wondering eyes did appear, but a parade of vehicles and a firetruck with Santa pulling up the rear.  He sprang from his "sleigh" with a mighty "HO" and you could hear all the children giggling so.  The town was filled with laughter and sounds of delight as Santa wished to us all a Merry Christmas and good night!

The Christmas parade was Saturday, December 11th @ 5pm.


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