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Discover Honey Grove

The Sweetest Town In Texas

About Honey Grove

           Nestled in the heart of central North Texas, within the eastern reaches of Fannin County, Honey Grove lies a mere 45-minute drive from the bustling metroplex. This charming town, steeped in history, allegedly derived its name from Davy Crockett during his journey to the Alamo.

Noteworthy among its accolades is a remarkable event in 2007 when a cadre of local high school students clinched victory in a contest sponsored by CW and Sunkist, leading to the filming of an episode of One Tree Hill within the town's borders.

Agriculture reigns supreme here, with the sight of farmers traversing the highways atop tractors and combines being a common occurrence. From expansive cotton fields to resplendent sunflower patches, every turn presents picturesque opportunities. For those less inclined towards rural vistas, the town itself boasts a plethora of captivating historical homes and churches. Moreover, while traversing the streets, one cannot overlook the vibrant painted quilt squares adorning houses, buildings, and fences, numbering over 60 in Honey Grove alone, contributing to the larger tapestry of the Texas barn quilt trail.

Locals affectionately refer to Honey Grove as "Syrup City," a testament to its communal spirit and unwavering support for one another. Despite Sugarland's claim as the sweetest town in Texas, Honey Grove stands as a beacon of camaraderie, where neighbors rally together in times of need. It's a place where children pedal their bikes freely, and residents take leisurely strolls day or night without apprehension. 

Join the Honey Grove Chamber of Commerce and become a part of a community that supports local businesses. Membership includes access to exclusive resources and networking opportunities.

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